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Custom glass solutions are our specialty. If you can dream it, we can bring it to life!

Our residential glass replacement services are designed to cater to the unique needs of homeowners, ensuring safety, energy efficiency, and aesthetic enhancement. Whether you need to replace a broken window, upgrade to energy-efficient glass, or enhance the beauty of your home with custom glass elements, we offer professional solutions tailored to your residential property.

Our commercial glass replacement services are designed to address the specific needs of businesses, ensuring safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you require replacement for a storefront, office windows, or any other commercial glass element, we offer professional solutions tailored to your requirements.

Our glass repair and replacement services are designed to address a wide range of needs for both residential and commercial customers. Whether you have a cracked window that needs repair or require a complete replacement of a glass structure, we offer professional and efficient solutions.

Shower Door Services

Shower doors are specifically designed and fabricated to fit your shower space and meet your specific requirements. They offer a personalized solution for enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. Here are some key aspects to consider when opting for custom shower doors:

  1. Measurements and Fit: Custom shower doors are made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for your shower enclosure. An expert will visit your location to take precise measurements, considering factors like wall dimensions, shower curb or base, and any unique architectural features.

  2. Glass Type: There are various types of glass available for shower doors, such as clear glass, frosted glass, patterned glass, or textured glass. The choice of glass depends on your desired level of privacy, aesthetic preferences, and the overall style of your bathroom.

  3. Door Style: Custom shower doors offer a range of options for door styles, including:

    • Sliding Doors: These doors slide on tracks and are ideal for saving space in smaller bathrooms.
    • Hinged Doors: Hinged shower doors swing open like a regular door, offering a wider opening and a sleek look.
    • Pivot Doors: Pivot doors rotate on a central axis, allowing for larger openings and easy access.
  4. Hardware and Finishes: The hardware and finishes of the shower doors can be customized to match your bathroom decor. You can choose from various options for handles, hinges, knobs, towel bars, and other accessories, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look.

  5. Safety and Functionality: Custom shower doors can be manufactured with safety features such as tempered glass, which is stronger and more resistant to breakage than regular glass. Additionally, you can incorporate features like water seals, drip rails, and magnetic strips to prevent water leakage and ensure a watertight enclosure.

  6. Design Elements: Depending on your preferences, you can add design elements to your custom shower doors, such as etched patterns, frosted or colored glass sections, or decorative accents that complement the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

Working with a professional glass company or shower door specialist is essential when ordering custom shower doors. They will guide you through the design process, offer recommendations, and ensure that the final product is manufactured and installed to meet your specifications while adhering to safety standards.


This is one of our most popular services, offered for a variety of models and brands. Feel free to reach out with any questions for our team, and make sure to book this service ahead of time.